Mauricio Carvalho

Belo Horizonte, Brazil ยท

Passionate about technology and digital products. I've been working in the software engineering industry since 1998. During this time, I've built, tested, released and learned with many side projects which I'm trying to document here. This is also something I love: create and test ideas with prototypes in order to learn something.

The truth is: innovations make my day.

Current Projects

Mobile App

A mobile app to connect consumers to local stores.

2013 - Present

TT - Time Tracking

Mobile App

TT is a time tracking mobile app which reminds the user to track his work journey based on the location of his work. It also shows its journey completion through the day and has an Apple Watch app with watch complications to show his journey progress.

2014 - Present


Mobile App

A mobile app to send and receive Kudo Cards from your teammates. Kudo Cards are cards used to send positive feedbacks.

2017 - Present

Discontinued Projects

Phone Wallpaper Project

Mobile Utility Site

Back in the GPRS days, this was a site that made easier to the user customize its cellphone wallpaper in the pre-smartphone era. The user would upload a picture to the site and, based on the user's phone model, the picture would be resized and based on the resulting picture size in Kilobytes and the GPRS cost of the user's carrier, it would calculate the cost to download that wallpaper to his cellphone. It also gave the user a URL to be typed in his cellphone and download the wallpaper if he wishes.


Sound Test

Console Gaming Podcast

This was a console gaming podcast which gained a small but fairly constant fan base. The content was basically a more serious approach to the console gaming industry.



Xbox Live Mobile Site

Before mobile apps, this was a Xbox Live mobile site which showed the user's friends Xbox Live activity and achievements.



Personal Finance Utility Mobile Site

Easy and simple persnoal money management. It was tag based: the user added its incomes and expenses with a tag. It had a dashboard showing the users day, week and month limits and had a report with which tags had more entries (where its money was going). It was a mobile only site.


Mosquito Eletronico

Consumer Technology Blog

This was my first serious blog project. It was a consumer technology blog for Brazilian users. It covered major topics like mobile phone, consumer electronics, product releases in Brazil, tech guides and tech tips. In its best days, it had 4000 unique users per month.



Social Network

This was a social network for gamers. It allowed the user to build his gamer profile with his favorite games and cover pic. The Game of the Year was automatically nominated based on the favorite games of each user in the network. It also had a unique discussion forum based on Twitter feed, but with an enhanced viral aspect.



Social Classified Ads Facebook App

The first iteration of Keetanda was a Facebook App. It was a classified ads app where the user would see what his Facebook friends was selling, and also what the friends of his friends was selling.



Job Recommendation Facebook App

J4F was a Facebook App where users would be able to recommend his friends to open job positions. This was the only way that someone could apply for a job: by being recommended by someone. The recruiters were able to check the number of recommendations each candidate had and make decisions based on that.



Podcast Directory and Store Service

The first iteration of Owvee was a podcast distribution platform, with hosting and monetization aspects for producers.


Keetanda 2.0

Video Classified Ads Service

The second iteration of Keetanda was a video-only classified ads site. All ads posted on the site must have had a video. The site encouraged the users to sell their products via video, talking to their potential buyers.


Owvee 2.0

Audio Social Network

The second iteration of Owvee was an audio social network. Users would post audio to the site for others to listen. It had a commenting tool which each comment in an audio was timestamped to the exact moment of the audio file. So when someone was listening to it, it could see the flow of comments as if they were in real time.



Restaurant Catalog Mobile App

This was my first mobile app release. It was a crowdsourced restaurant catalog focused on "self-service" lunch restaurants. The user was able to check prices and nearby restaurants within the app.


LTE Brasil

Guide Website

LTE Brasil was a 4G Guide for Brazilian consumers. It has an autmated coverage map, which got data directly from the Telecommunication Agency in Brazil (ANATEL). It also had a catalog of 4G devices released in Brazil.


Cancelled Projects

Next Level

Gaming Online Magazine

This was a gaming online magazine with a more serious approach on games. It would have art, culture and industry related content.



Online Electronic Medical Record

A electronic medical record which with productivity and accessibility in mind. It would have a simple and easy interface with patient-centric approach.



Online Discussion Board

This was a new format of discussion board based on web searches. Besides the usual pages, images and video results, every web search would have its own discussion board.



Transit Navigation Mobile App

This would be a mobile app that would track the users commuting habits and paths. Based on that crowdsourcing anonymous data, it would be able to inform other users ETA of buses/trains, how crowded they were and also how was the wait time in a certain station for each line.


Planned Projects


Music Mobile App

Description in progress.


Owvee 3.0

Audio News Mobile App

Description in progress.